Sculptra Columbia MO

Sculptra Columbia MO

Sculptra is a full-face injectable treatment that stimulates your own body to make collagen. Not only does it benefit the bone and tissue structure with natural volume, but it also has a skin tightening and thickening component. It is natural and gradual in its results. The final results are seen two months after initial treatment. Sculptra is the perfect product for any face and we recommend it for all ages.

Most patients need 2-3 “building” treatments spaced out about five weeks apart and maintain these results with 1-2 treatments per year. Effects of Sculptra treatments can last up to 2 years and even longer!

Benefits of Sculptra include:


  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Tightens the skin
  • Helps restore a youthful shape
  • Improves skin texture
  • Results are subtle over time
  • Natural-looking results
  • Improves cellulite


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The Treatment

Skin Tightening

$800 vial

Injections of Sculptra stimulate collagen production in the knees, elbows, and abdomen, improving the skin’s texture and tone over time.

The Face

$800 per vial

Sculptra stimulates collagen production around the mouth, cheeks, and temples, enhancing their volume and tightening them.

Decollete Area

$800 per vial

Our chests are one of the hardest-hit areas when it comes to aging. Sculptra stimulates collagen production in the chest and neck area to rejuvenate volume.

Booty Lift

$800 per vial

What if you could have a booty lift without having to undergo surgery? Well, you can! Sculptra injections into the buttocks stimulate collagen production, enhancing the derriere’s volume.


$800 per vial

Sculptra is strategically injected into the legs to minimize cellulite appearance. Increased collagen production causes the skin to become smoother and tighter.


Most patients can benefit from Sculptra to provide additional volume on the face, smooth wrinkles and folds, or add extra volume to body areas like the buttocks. Sculptra is also effective in reducing cellulite in certain areas.

Your area will appear more volumized after your treatment due to swelling. In a few days, the swelling should disappear, making it appear as if nothing had happened. After three weeks, the effects usually begin to appear. Your results will continue improving for about three months after your Sculptra injections.

FDA-approved Sculptra Aesthetic lasts up to two years.

There will be no downtime following Sculptra treatment; however, swelling, redness, and bruising may occur temporarily.

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